Cabernet Franc
A detail of bunch and leaf of Cabernte Franc
Cabernet Sauvignon
A detail of bunch and leaf of Cabernte Sauvignon
A detail of bunch and leaf of Merlot
Pinot Nero
A detail of bunch and leaf of Pinot Nero
Raboso Piave
Bunch of Raboso Piave
Tezze di Piave had in the last century the distinction of being an area known for the production of red grapes, mainly Raboso. In the '50s there was the spread of several French variety, such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc but the territory was still connected to the production of red grapes. In the following period there was a wide spread of white grapes, more fashionable and more commercial but has not quite supplanted the production of red grapes, among which the most common mentioned above but also more particular products, such as Refosco and Carmenère.




The soils of the area of Tezze di Piave are in fact very suitable for the cultivation of red grapes and through a winemaking implemented with the most modern technology in conjunction with a wise tradition of wine aging, we get red wines that have their own unique characteristics known throughout the world, as well as the area where they are produced.
Modern technology in the cultivation of vineyards combined with new challenges such as energy saving (eg. drop irrigation) or the reduction of the environmental impact in the cultivation (eg. fertilizers and pesticide treatments) have distinguished the area of ​​Tezze di Piave for modernity and environmental sustainability. The proximity of Experimental Institute for Viticulture of Conegliano has greatly pushed the winery and all the partners to adapt before any other area, making the city of Vazzola one of the municipalities of Veneto and Northern Italy with the highest wine production. Insertion since its establishment in the territory of the D.O.C. Piave is neither a witness, confirmed by the recognition of the DOCG "Piave Malanotte".


Raboso del Piave Vineyard
A bellussera of Raboso del Piave D.O.C.
Merlot vineyard
A detail of a Merlot vineyard