The characterization of the wine Malanotte del Piave D.O.C.G., made also with dried Raboso grapes, met most of consumer tastes and it became the most famous wine in the classification in which it had entered as a type of wine.
This prompted the necessity of greater national and international protection of the name through recognition of a own geographical name. The brand Malanotte used by Social Winery Tezze di Piave since 1992 has been gave to the Consortium Wines of the Piave DOC to get recognition as D.O.C.G. in 2011. The production area of D.O.C.G. "Malanotte del Piave" is centered on the Piave river that goes through almost all the plain of the province of Treviso and the eastern part of the province of Venice. The name of the wine comes from the Borgo Malanotte, medieval village next to the Social Winery Tezze di Piave.
During production, some of the grapes, from 15% to 30% is dried before being pressed, and for at least thirty-six months this austere flavoured wine, fruity and characteristic, will rest in the cellars of the producers, partly in barrels (at least twelve months) and partly in the bottle (at least four months), acquiring an intense ruby red color broken by violet hues, tending to garnet with aging, and its typical scent of spicy marasca cherry. Visit also the page wines, or go directly to the Malanotte del Piave D.O.C.G..