Tradition and innovation, passion for authenticity, respect for the environment and the consumer, this is our history, this is our winery. For nearly eighty years, first in Treviso and second in Italy, the cooperative social winery of Tezze di Piave is a landmark in viticulture and enology of Veneto. The love of our 400 members for the land of the Piave, decisive and generous, industriousness and intelligence that have been handed down from generation to generation, have created an extraordinary combination, rich in nuances, colors and scents.


The Social Winery
Front of the Social Winery
The first registers
One of the first register of the winery, from the 1935
Airplane shot
Shot made for the 50 years of the Social Winery (1980)


Enhancement of native and ancient varietal innovation and cultivation, use of advanced techniques in respect of the characteristics of the product, this is what sets us apart.

Care of the vineyard since its preparation, careful selection of grapes during the harvest, efficient winemaking facilities at controlled temperatures without forcing the natural rhythms, traditional aging in oak casks, ensuring a direct and sincere relationship between producer and consumer and constant high quality.

Certificate of merit
One of the several merit that the Social Winery has received during the years for its products
Prosecco table
Old table of the "Prosecco coneglianese" taken from the Ampelografia Generale of Treviso city
Some old registers of the winery, stored carefully year after year


Wine, tips for proper pairing with the dishes of our gastronomy and expert tips for imaginative culinary combinations, packaging suitable for every occasion, attentive and friendly staff, this is what we can offer to friends who come to visit us in our modern and friendly store.

Social Winery Tezze di Piave with you since 1930.