Obtained by adding dried Raboso grapes, the Malanotte DOCG represents the loayalty to tradition of the Social Winery Tezze di Piave
Obtained thanks to the efforts of the Social Winery in maintaining it, 1921 Raboso del Piave DOC is created from a vineyard dating back to that date
Raboso Rosato obtained with classic method that really amplifies the durability, perfect pairing for particular fish dishes
The Nottedolce Raboso Spumante is a sweet wine very suitable to be drunk cold perhaps in accompaniment to a dessert
In this case, the name speaks for itself, offered to you in the extra dry spumante version, suitable for celebrating any occasion
The sparkling (not spumante) version of Prosecco DOC, pride of the territory of Treviso
You can define Raboso the king of red in Treviso, offered by the Cantina Sociale in a sparkling version that broadens the possible pairings
The version of the King Raboso created by white winemaking, getting a Rosato very suitable for every wish
Merlot Piave D.O.C. is one of the typical wines of the territory of the Piave which thanks to the dry taste is easy to pair with different types of dishes
With a bouquet expanded from aging, the Cabernet Sauvignon del Piave D.O.C. is a perfect pair for wild game and aged cheeses
Merlot Veneto I.G.T. is an excellent choice for those looking for a fragrant wine to pair with particular meat dishes
Typical of the Veneto region and the Piave, Cabernet Veneto IGT is an excellent table wine, the intense efforts that recalls wild herbs with a hint of raspberry
An excellent aperitif wine, has an intense and at the same time a light taste, making it pairable with any kind of dish
Verduzzo Veneto I.G.T. is a still wine with a very large and quite unique bouquet, excellent with particularly aromatic dishes
Still wine excellent if served cold, the Manzoni Bianco Veneto IGT is pairable with a wide range of dishes, especially for light appetizers
With a gentle and fruity aroma Chardonnay Veneto IGT is suitable for aperitifs and appetizers and even fish when served cold
Surely one of the most representing reds of the Social Winery, the Carmenère is a wine with absolutely unmistakable properties
With a characteristic balanced flavor and aroma, Pinot Grigio Veneto IGT is a still wine, suitable for many different types of dishes
Obtained from the precious grapes Raboso used for Malanotte DOCG Piave, the Raboso Malanotte Grappa is par excellence the spirit to be served after a meal
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