Grape of Raboso del Piave
The wine Raboso Piave 1921 D.O.C. is made from grapes of Raboso Piave coming from a single vineyard dating back to 1921; it is maintained thanks to the Social Winery Tezze di Piave
You can see one of the mulberry tree used in this vineyard as living brace, grown in its nearly 100 years of life
Raboso D.O.C. made from grapes of Raboso it was for centuries the typical red wine of the Veneto region, known and appreciated in the city of Venice, in the modern era has witnessed the production of a film about Raboso, "The Lion of glass." The triptych system Bellussi, Raboso Piave and Glera characterized throughout the Treviso plain creating a real typical and unforgettable landscape. The facts show that after the war of 1918, in which the whole area of the left Piave was invaded, was started a process of land reclamation in order to return it to their rightful owners after the war. Once returned, the family Roveda resumed grapevine cultivation using the Mulberry as living brace, ideal growing method in those poor areas.
Just Bellussera of Roveda family has resisted the facts and trends in the change not only of vineyards but also the economy of farms in general. It reached us part of this vineyard, precisely 6700 sm, still in perfect production and with mulberrys to act as living brace. The Social Winery Tezze di Piave wished to safeguard and maintain this original vineyard in all its components (system of cultivation, vines, mulberry trees) for its uniqueness and historical importance it represents for the territory. The vineyard is visible from satellite photos by clicking here; you can see in the center of the photo the mulberrys used as living braces, that stand out for their size.
The grapes obtained from this vineyard is used to make wine and gives rise to a bottle completely dedicated to this path of history and tradition; it is produced first in barrels from 30 to 50 hectoliters for at least one year and then for at least another year in Barriques of 225 liters, to get by the 1921 Raboso Piave DOC
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Vineyard of Raboso Piave 1921
Vineyard of Raboso Piave 1921