At the historical level, we find a first mention of Prosecco in 1733 by Tommaso Mondini, who signed with the pseudonym of Sante Bagozzo, who wrote a collection called "Bagozzeide" which proposed to list several specific products purchasable from the city of Venice; thanks to its sea trade and its inland expansion the Republic of Venice offered on its territory a number of goods that were hard to find in other Italian cities. Among the various wines tasted by the author it is also mentioned the "Prosecco fatto"; considered that "Bagozzeide" is identified as each of the broadest collections of products created in 1700, it follows that if the Prosecco has found a place in the work of Mondini, it had to be already very widespread in the Venice area. The Social Winery Tezze di Piave offers two types of sparkling wine in the bottle, the Prosecco Spumante DOC Treviso Extra Dry and Prosecco Frizzante DOC Treviso.
Prosecco is the D.O.C. par excellence when we consider the territories of the Treviso area and the area of the Social Winery Tezze di Piave makes no difference; much of the demand and therefore the production of wine goes back to the Prosecco. Always popular in our country, it has gained great notoriety in recent decades, bringing most of the farmers to concentrate on the production of this product thanks to high yields in both quality and quantity. In our area this grape is called Glera and is characterized by grapes of pyramidal shape and larger than other varieties, berries pale yellow translucent sometimes tending to greenish.
Prosecco once worked and bottled typically follows a process of fermentation based on yeast, the result of which is a fairly typical perlage that can be more or less pronounced depending on the level of sparkling to be obtained. It shows a pale yellow color, the taste is dry, rightly acid and poorly tannic, with a pleasant and balanced boquet. Great for any aperitif and appetizer, in its amiable version becomes easy to match to many desserts.
Social Winery´s Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso Extra Dry
Some bottles of Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso Extra Dry